Loser Racist & Laying Low…

August 29th, 2016

Drumpf can not seem to ever

Get Out of the way of his own

trumpertantrumalert(Uh, oh!)

fat lying racist mouth. First it

is him Claiming after Dwayne

Wades cousin was senselessly

killed states “Just what I have

been saying African Americans

will VOTE TRUMP!” Ahhhhh no

they “will not”. Currently Only

1% Of African Americans, Like

or would vote For Drumpfy, so

1% of African American voters(Oooops)

that’s a lie. And Nothing like a

racist sack of Shit tarnishing a

tragic Death For Political Gain

Now drumpfs bigoted political

“ceo” has his own racist issues

of not wanting his girls “Going

to school with Jews”. Ding!!!!!

We have a Racist White Power

Loser Chuck!!! And so, what is

usa-election-trump(We know!)

Hillary doing?! Letting the big

ass dumpster fire known as a

Drumpf Campaign keep killing

itself while she sits back takin

it all in. When your “enemy” is

Building their own Casket, you

never “stop them”. Just simply

complement em on their Work

NOTE: RIP –Gene Wilder, A
Comedy Legend Has Passed
NOTE II: Kapernick ‘Protest’
Strikes A Serious True Cord
HORROR: That ‘Earthquake’
In Italy Was Tragic, Costing
247 Souls Much Love To All

Have a day!

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