Drumpfs Debt, CF Bullshit…

August 24th, 2016

It seems Drumpfy is in bad debt

Around ‘$650 Million’ To Be Very

mg_lying_trumpaward_comp(Olympic Liar!)

exact. Drumpf is the sickest joke

ever done to the American voter

His debt, as of now “appears” to

be more than His Estimated Net

Worth. THAT Is Why He will not

release his Tax Returns and it is

why he’s bullshitting about it all

Things are going from bad to “A

Fuckin’ Trainwreck” so very fast

Hillary & Dondald squaring off(Drumpfs Losing Bad)

Clinton has a 12 point lead and

“Growing”. The TeaOP Did This

all to Themselves. And THAT is

The Clinton Foundation

This is simply a slush fund for a

PAC Filtering Cash For “Favors”

clinton-foundation(in Trouble)

Any “Foundation” can do many

things. One thing it does it help

‘Children’. That’s Good. Another

thing it does, is ‘Accept Foreign’

Money for “favorable” decisions

from The State Department. Oh

boy!!! NOT GOOD. A wonderful

Boston Globe “Op-Ed” laid it all

out. They should either: A) Help

Kids/Do ‘Charity’, or B) If it still


accepts Foreign Cash for Favors

shudder it’s fucking doors. They

are not Doing Well here. And, it

best Stop from Some Dem Liars

NOTE: Evil “White Supremacist”
‘Stabbed’ An ‘Interracial Couple’
Right In The ‘Stomach’. He Used
A ‘Racial Slur’ Before Doing It, &
Had Racist Nazi Tattoo’s, On His
Neck/Body. It Is, A “Hate Crime”

Have a day!

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