“Blame” It On Rio…

August 18th, 2016

Oh boy this story had me very

skeptical since I heard it from

Ryan Lie-octy(Ryan LIE-chte?)

a “Friend” On Sunday Morning

Us swimmers stated they were

“Robbed at gun point” by guys

who were dressed as cops and

Ryan Lochte Had A Gun pulled

& pointed at his Head. Wow, it

Sounds Horrible. And, it would

be, Except It seems to be a lie

trouble. We’re Getting Facts In

Ryan hands up lie(Hand up?!?)

More info will come in and let

us all not “Rush” to any Quick

conclusions…….let facts speak

It always had the “Urban Sort

Of Legend” Vibe. No Facts, no

specifics, and No Signs of Any

real proof. Only Way for them

to handle it if they did lie? Tell

the whole, entire truth quickly

speak from The Heart, & Must

earnestly ‘Apologize’ For All of

The swimmers coming back with wallets(Ooooooops)

their Wrong Doing in it. If they

Do Not, It Gets Very Ugly. It is

never the Lie. It’s the cover up

of the Lie that Gets outed, and

YOU can’t ever Recover from it

NOTE: Ellen DeGeneres Is So
Now Accused Of Racism?!?!?!
Ahhh, No. Not Even Remotely
But Few On Twitter, Who May
Even Be “Fake Outrage” Trolls
Missed The Mark Badly On It!
NOTE II: A Right Wing Racist
Machine, Is Trying A New Big
False Equivalency, With Potus
Obama “In’ LA. Said Here The
Sadness, But, The Two Events
Do…Not Compare. Only Racist
Drumpf Supporters Would Say
They Do. 12 Dead Which’s So
Very Sad Is NOT 1,245–1,836
This Is Racist Lunacy Political
Lies To Divide More. Ahhh No
HORRIBLE: THIS ‘Event’ Tells
Us ‘Such’ Unspeakable Horror
It Is Basically Stating “I Want
To ‘Hurt’ The ‘BLM’ Protestors
& Deny Their 1st Amendment
Right”. That Is VERY ‘Serious’

Have a day!

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