368.5 Electoral Votes?!?

August 15th, 2016

The key to any con is to keep

up the Charade in the face of

meyers-trump-620x412“This fidiot!”)

indisputable¬†facts. But this’ll

simply be “One” of the many

Trumpettes syndrome of lies

There is a Clip of him always

contradicting…….himself. Ha!

Could They Make the “Same”

clip of Hillary Doing that?!?!?

No, not that Amount. They’d

show a few of her pinocchio’s

Trump cat hair(“Meow!”)

which we cover here; but that

would Be A 1 To 29 “Ratio” at

the least. And it “Seems” that

his Spokes Person So doesn’t

even Know The Basic Facts of

our history in afghanistan. So

Katrina Pierson ‘Thought’ that

Obama Got Us In Afghanistan

They do NOT know ANYTHING

Trump idiot liar spokes thing(<-Lying Moron!)

And the polls are reflecting it

big time. Right now Clinton’s

Predicted to get about 368.5

Electoral Votes Based on The

‘General Election Map Voting

models. Do NOT take this big

lead for granted. VOTE, Vote,

vote. Without Voting, This all

means Nothing. But, “Things”

Racist trump lying moron(We Know)

look Very Bleak For Drumpfy

NOTE: Rudy The Racist Prick
Giuliani Lies, That 9/11 Never
“Happened” Under George W.
Bush. Wow Just Fuckin’ Wow
NOTE II: The Most: “Cringey”
Batshitcrazy Lunatic Political
Ad I’ve Ever Seen…And THAT
Says A Lot. Wow Fuckin Wow

Have a day!

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