Liar Asshole Drumpf…

August 11th, 2016

And Right On Que, Drumpfy and his

Racist Minions, try “Lying” Again on

donald-trump-hateNo Thanks!)

his overtly hateful “2nd Amendment”

threat. No, the “tense” of his claim is

if Hillary WON, so at that point there

is nothin ya can do and that was the

TENSE of the comment. ‘Future’ was

his point. Now the “Back peddle lies”

start and never stop. Ahhhhhhhh, no

fuck off you lying racist tiny fingered

fuck. After this November, he so will

donald-trump-liar-by-hip-is-everything1(Yes, we know)

craw back into the sewer from wence

he came. It’s not HIM I Care about it

is the massively evil racist other shits

he stoked that are still HERE next to

us seething with their hate that bugs

me to the core. It’s simply disgusting

NOTE: Dear “Racist Trump Assholes”
While You Have Your 1st Amendment
Rights, You Don’t Have A Legal Right
To Shout The N-Word At Other Folks
To Their Faces. It Is Called “Fighting”
Words, And ‘Brace For A Fist To Your
Face At The Least This Is Serious Shit

Have a day!

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