Unacceptable Evil

August 10th, 2016

Drumpf crosses Lines Daily, but this

shit is pure evil and so unacceptable

Trumps hate(Evil SOS!)

“If she gets To Pick Her Judges,
nothing u can do, folks, although
the Second Amendment people —
Maybe There ‘Is’, I Don’t Know”

Offering Assassination as a Political

option is about the Most Fucked Up

inciteful evil one can do. In modern

History…No “Presidential Candidate”

has Ever “Implied” Assassinating an

opponent or advocating some armed

resistance. This is a fucking Big Deal

and this defining moment has ended


his ‘Campaign’. If the Media Doesn’t

openly state this is ‘Unacceptable’ or

try to Shrug it off as “Oh that trump”

they should All so Be Fired Instantly

that was a death threat and he must

Be ‘Held Accountable’. The Most Evil

thing is the Crowds Reactions, which

while Grossly Unhinged Seemed just

to Relish in the ‘Thought’. THAT is a

Trump-Second-Amendment-e1470771128621-800x430(Funny? No)

serious, very serious, problem in the

Country today. Excuse me while I go

puke. This is such a fucked up & sad

thing, I Didn’t Think I’d Ever Have to

type. He is the racist violent hate tire

fire around all the Republicans necks

(Secret Service will Visit The Donald)

NOTE: Republican Susan Collins, Will
Not Vote Trump. He ‘Lacks’ “Decency”
NOTE II: 2 Moms Who “Lost” Sons In
The Benghazi Attack Sue Clinton In A
Bizarre Move. Their Sons Service, Is A
Massive Honor. But, “Suing” Someone
Who Didn’t ‘Kill’ Your Child, & After 11
Panels Stating The “same” Really Only
Continues/Increases That Horror Pain
It’s Their Right, But It Won’t End Well

Have a day!

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