Ad Out & Don W. Bush

August 9th, 2016

As the Trump Plane begins it’s

“Tailspin”, Towards the rapidly

Trump yelling(“Abort!!!”)

approaching ground…..this one

bizarre, heavily Edited, Batshit

Crazy Ad was released. WTF!?!

I…don’t….know………what I just

watched. Sort Of Like a Trump

speech. You’re Left Wondering

if their was Any “Substance” to

The Event. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, No

it’s Just Methane And Bull Plop


The ‘Ad’ looks like Something A

12 year old might Slap together

A very bad, loud, stupid 12 year

old. So, it gets Worse from here

Trumps “Economy” Ideas

Well, Drumpf is Just W. Bush’s

Tax Cuts Ideas, Just More. And

Trump pointing idiot(Top 1% Get More)

he wants Massive Deregulation

How did that work out again?!?

Oh Yeah, ‘MASSIVE’ Economic

Collapse, huge Deficits, & failed

‘Unfunded’ Infrastructure Plans

It was create a 12 Trillion dollar

HOLE. We Have ALL Seen This

Story Before. ‘Trickle Down’ is a

Scam. Always Was. He’s just the

Trumps_major_economic_speech protester(“That guy lies!”)

Republican policies of ignorance

wrapped in a Bad Suit, & Racism

This’ll hurt him badly at the polls

NOTE: FOX’s Sexual Harassment
Cases Might Out Run Bill Cosby’s

Have a day!

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