Rio olympics are underway and it’s

the not Lunatic Shit Show that was

Rio-olympics-2016(Nice logo!)

predicted. Sure, things hit sangs, &

shit happens. But on a “whole” this

is going fine right now & that’s very

good! Just tell that to the poor bike

accidents in all Of These Races. It’s

very sad & hope that Annemiek van

Vleuten is OK after her big Horrific

crash. She is speaking & doing well

And just remember, Chicago would

of had A Massive Problem Left over


from Daley’s Days Considering that

our property taxes have all been so

jacked through the roof due to total

mismanagement of “Pension Funds”

We all dodged a massive bullet with

no having it Come Here. Wheeeeew

Enjoy Rio all you athletes. Soak it in

and perform to Your Best; Go USA!

Trumpy “Fixed” Lie

Last Week was A Bad week for His

Drumpfness. And this “week” isn’t

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Rally In Daytona Beach, Florida(<-Bullshit Machine)

starting off any Better. He has just

“floated” the big idea that when he

badly loses, it was really just Fixed

Yes, the election was fixed and not

because he’s Serial lyin’ racist idiot

Ha ha ha ha ha! Holy Batshitcrazy

Batman! This guy just went full on

“Loud, Lying Conspiracy Fuck Wit”

Right now Clinton is up +13-+15 &

climbing. And guess what? It’s not

Trump_Polls(Yes, we know)

because of HER, It is “Because” of

HIM. He & their Losing Campaign

just don’t “Get It”. They’re Still all

running A “Primary Campaign” in

the General Election. It’s a Totally

Different Audience. But they Can’t

grasp that Simple Fact. It gets bad

And if he pivots now, it’s already 2

late and he will lose his Crazy base

CNN didn't claim Election rigged(Oh geez!)

The paint is ‘Drying’ in that corner

He will be down 24+ after debate 1

Have a day!

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