Immolation & Damages

August 4th, 2016

The Republican nominee is a Bullshit

Artist, With spokes people who don’t

Fareed Bullshit Artist Trump(“Trumps a BS Artist”)

know Basic Facts. But Have Plenty of

Accusations about Obama being a big

reason for Iraq, not Earning His Spot

at Harvard, Or That A Clearly “Lifted”

speech wasn’t stolen. This rolling shit

show is in big trouble Nationally, and

It Gets WORSE. Locally, & Regionally

“Things” are coming Apart quickly for

the TeaOP. Take Dallas where they’re

Dallas GOP dying fast(Party’s Over!)

dying after their chairman “Resigned”

After “Less” then 2 months on the job

When, Montgomery ‘Took Over’ Their

bank account was $30,000, but today

it’s $180. So, they had to shutter their

doors. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! They have an

“Uncivil War” On Their Hands, as their

boat sinks. Not time to gloat, but steel

our gaze as A Nation to better days, &


hope we Have Better Voter Selections

in a so very bright future. Whoo hooo

DNC “Damages”

It’s not only a great Netflix show, it is

really Describing The DNC these days

Representative Wasserman Schultz  and Chair of the Democratic National Committee leaves the U.S. Capitol(Cheater!)

As, the Entire Republican Party Slides

off a Cliff, the DNC Has It’s Own large

“Clean up” Project Under Way. And it

better be Correct, or They will Simply

be in the ‘Same sinking boat’ as those

ended Republicans, in Two fast cycles

The DNC fired three highlevel officials

Tuesday as the organization works to

rebuild after Criticism it was “Playing”

Amy-K.-Dacey(Amy Dacey, gone!)

favorites in the “presidential primary”

It was. And if they don’t place in solid

honest fair people, in The ‘Shadow’ of

FDR, they will be in the “Exact” same

boat. This Serious Stuff. If they really

hire fair refs, this will be a Turnabout

win. If not, well…’re on the clock

And If ANY Appear In Hillary’s Picked

Cabinet, should she win. You’re toast!

NOTE: So Wild, A MLB Ump Ejects A
Fan For Yelling “You suck!!!” Multiple
Times. Meh, Heckling Is Fine, Yelling
Constantly? Not So Much In My Book
NOTE II: Our Own Chicago Sky Super
Star Elena Delle Donne Has Come Out
Congrats To Her & Thanks For Ur Play

Have a day!

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