Yes, Prince is dead. You heard of every

tribute by now. They are all heartfelt, &

Prince amazing fit shot(Sad Day)

well intentioned; its just a bit too much

IMHO. He was a Legend, period. But all

these ‘many’ Tributes, are getting to be

way too Much. Much More Than He was

all about. He was insanely talented and

Will Be Missed. Play His Music, & All Go

Download His Music. THAT, Is How you

pay your respects; honor the wonderful

Prince-Tributes-Evoke-Mixed-Responses-With-Two-Corporate-Giants(<-Yes it was)

Stuff he “Created”. He’d Really like That

But yes, very sad. The Sky’s are Dimmer

today. But, “remember” the good Things

The “Sweet” Sounds Of Truth…

Chicago’s own Lynn Sweet (Who should

be More National/Cable, But can Not Be

lynn-sweet-800x430(NBC Local Feed)

bought so no dice) pointed out the math

of Bernie Sanders. What she is basically

stating in her excellent political primary

summation is that since Democrats split

the delegates, he’s “Totally in it”. If he’s

to win, all he Needs is “Cali” or 3-4 blow

outs. Then the Super Delegates all come

to him. Oooooooooops. There were only

102 delegates up for grabs in Illinois (So

she got 52 & he got 50) just a difference

Feel The Bern(OH YES!)

of TWO. MATH for the win. So he’s Very

much “In It”, no matter what others say

Now, the idea is to VOTE, & “Target Cali”

NOTE: The Perv Republican Denny Boy
Hasert Got Horribly Vile Liars To Write
Letters In His Defense. How Disgusting
He “Fuckin’ Molested” A Bunch Of Boys
(Oh And Tom DeLay’s A Felon Himself)
NOTE II: Former Reagan GUY “Agrees”
With ME. The Republican Party’s Dying
TONIGHT: Blackhawk Face Elimination
But Have The Blues Terrified. Go Hawks

Have a day!

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