Bad night for Bernie Sanders a

good one for Hillary and Trump

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders(MY State!)

Let that sink in like hairdye into

Your Scalp. Bernie is in ‘trouble’

which ‘means’ he must have the

rest of the Primaries, as massive

“Blow outs” in order to close the

gap. It is VERY possible, but not

probable. The idea here is to GO

out, still Fight for all Progressive

ideas, and VOTE! it will all come

nyc rprimary roadtrip(Truth!)

out in the wash; its possible that

neither will have the total that is

needed by the convention. These

next 19 Contests ALL Count Now

So, what will YOU DO?!?!?! Vote!

The Perv Hypocrite…

Jeremy Durham Tennessee State

Rep brought up a ‘Horribly gross’

durham- looking gulitypg(“I’m creepy!”)

Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill

Jeremy thinks Republican’s want

and must do Bathroom Bills, and

only to keep them safe. Because,

people could “Claim” another sex

just to ‘Check out others privates’

Well, Right on Que, Jeremy PERV

was “busted” for bein a bathroom

Pervert Himself! BOOM!!! And we

Durham the creep(<-Super Perv!)

have our moron boy really always

thinking in terms, of how much a

“degenerate” they are themselves

Ahhhhhh projection. Powerful shit

So, he’s today’s “Lunar Hypocrite”

NOTE: Republicans Are “Leaving”
The Ship. McCain Is The ‘First’ Of
Many Not Attending That ‘TEAOP’
Convention This Year. Ooooooops
So It’s The Beginning Of The End

Have a day!

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