April 19th, 2016

Go Out Early, and VOTE. You pick

exactly whom you want. If you do


want “Hillary”, then know Exactly

WHAT or WHO You’re ‘Voting’ for

She “Tried to Ride” a ‘Subway’ in

NYC. Ahem, it didn’t go well at all

As someone who takes City public

transportation, that Type of shit is

puke worthy. Is a ‘Flub’ the issue?

Fuck no, it speaks ‘Directly’ to this

“Out of Touchness” she has to ALL

us regular citizens. She’s “playing”

Clinton can't ride Subway(<-DERP!)

at being us. And guess what?!?!?!

We all know the fucking difference

Vote Bernie if you want something

worthy of this country. If not, your

call. But KNOW What You Just Did

then. And, you Must Accept It NYC

Sanders Has Been Underestimated

this entire process Ooooooooooops

It Comes Down to YOU Today NYC

NOTE: ‘Irrelevant Rush’ Is Correct
About TEAOP Voting Hillary Since
Shes Their Basic Financial Policies
NOTE II: CNN Does Shitty Smears
Because, Ratings? No, They All Lie
RIP: Doris Roberts, Or Raymond’s
Mother, As We All Knew Her Well!!

Have a day!

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