NYC The Debate State…

April 18th, 2016

It’s about a New York state of mind

All eyes in the nation on NYC. They

Sanders vs Clinton in NYC big showdown(Face Off)

had a debate on the 14th and so it

wasn’t a Knock Out for Sanders. He

couldn’t deliver that finishing move

He Actually “Stumbled” a few times

Hillary Is Alive. The Only Thing that

Beats Her Now Is VOTES. Pure And

simple votes. Right now, the polling

says Clinton is up by 12 points. The

ONLY thing that beats her in is voter

Joy bizzer bit(Joy Buzzer?)

“Turn Out” TOMORROW in NYC like

Has Never Been Seen Before. If not,

Hillary is your nominee. So, let that

sink in. Like a necklace made o lead

NOTE: Turd Cruz Can’t Answer The
Basic Facts About ‘Unconstitutional’
‘Discrimination’ In ‘Anti-LBGT Laws’
NOTE II: Blackhawks Lost At Home
Which Is Bad. They Better Get Their
Shit Together, Or That’s It For 2016

Have a day!

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