“I’m With Racist”…

April 14th, 2016

Bill O’Really Had On Cotton Candy

bigot hair the other night; so what

bill-oreilly-donald-trump idiots(<-A Racist Off!)

did they discuss? Shit all racist do

Stuff like: “Why do “Those Blacks”

all have forehead tattoos” (Record

scratch) Come again? Yes, you did

Read that correctly. Forget that IF

you Type in Forehead Tattoo’s in a

search you get “white people” with

them by a count of 12 to 1. Racists

don’t need Facts or Reality. If they

BILLO-TAT(No, you won’t)

did, they wouldn’t still be “Racists”

Was it done there?!?! Nope. “Let’s

talk about The Minorities” was the

lead in. Ohhh boy this will go over

like A Lead Balloon. “What is your

strategy to get the minority votes”

“I don’t think that they dislike me,

we’re Doing Excellent with African

Americans, & Hispanics”. Ahhh, no

O'Reilly & Trump watching hoops(2 Man Klan)

he is not at all. In fact, they HATE

him. Then Bill Decides to Say this:

“But how are you going to get jobs
for em (The blacks) when many of
them are ill-educated & have these
tattoos on their Forehead. I hate to
be generalized about it but it’s true”

At least These Racist Fucks Aren’t

Hiding it anymore. It’s like a bigot

Douche Off. How can they spew so

much bullshit from their ass while

sitting on it?!? Shouldn’t it be very

muffled? FOX is racist. That is just

roger-ailes-3(<-Bigot Boys)

a fact. Rodger Ailes was best buds

With ‘Racists’ Nixon & Ehrlichman

Their Time’s over, they are TOAST

NOTE: CNN ‘Gives’ Trump Family
A Blow Job, On National TV. How
Badly Disgusting & Unjournalistic
NOTE II: LA Governor Signs This
Awesome Non-Discrimination Bill

Have a day!

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