NC Bigots Hate LGBT’s…

April 12th, 2016

This is like saying “Water is wet”

or “the sky is blue”, or “Trump’s

The art of an idiot<-Bigot douche)

a lying, racist, sociopath”. Well?

NC Governor ‘ASS’ Pat McCrory

is now walking back his ‘bigotry’

Geeee, that’s like creating a law

JUST to discriminate, get caught

and then only pretend to “fix” it


Democrats sucks donkey balls &

have issues. But Name ONE that

created these racist bigoted laws

O'Reailly and NC moron asshole<-Let’s Lie!)

You won’t be able to. Simply just

because they don’t exist. The law

change, Still allows religious folk

folks to Discriminate. No, no, no

If you put in a Law, to strip them

Citizens of their Rights, then only

strip some rights. That’s the 70’s

Anita Bryant It’s so unacceptable

McCrory, fuck you, and any voter

‘loving’ This Unconstitutional Shit

Have a day!

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