Trump got thumped in Cheeseland

And ‘Sanders Train’ is rolling like a

33116cartoontrump(“No, I won!”)

fat kid down a hill. The polls didn’t

lie, and ‘buckle up’. Hillary is going

NEGATIVE now that he is on a roll

And, Since She LOST 8 in 9 of the

last primaries it is so putting her in

her “Old 2008 negative sour mood”

Remember that?! When her Hubby

Billy made “Racist Jibes” at Obama

for bigot voters? Or her 3am Phone

Clinton idiot(“Negative time!”)

call bullshit that failed? Seems that

career politicians learn nothing and

that makes Bernie a very dangerous

real threat to her. She just said that

If she gets dumped in NYC look out

(Never before have Superdelegates

Been Already “Added” to A Primary

tally before. But Clinton has them?)

No, they can change they’ll burn her

Mississippi Bigot Bus

What if I “told you” the Governor of

Mississhitty decided to sign this law

Misissippi new hate sign(WTF?!?!)

that directly “discriminated against”

LBGT citizens? You’d say “Well that

is fucking stupid why did he do that”

Then you’d probably say: “Hey, isn’t

that also unconstitutional according

the 14th Amendment, & Civil Rights

Act of 1964?”. Yes, yes it is, but the

Bigot Babies Don’t Care. Phil Bryant

is a ‘fucking moron’, who just gave a

bunch of hateful Theocratic bigots a

gov-phil-bryant(And…no blacks)

license to discriminate against these

other citizens. It will be struck down

but that’s not the point. These Lying

hateful morons are 49th in Learning

1st in teen pregnancies, And THIS is

what they Waste $ on?!? Bigot idiots

NOTE: Karma Is A Bitch. So George
Mason, Had To “Change” Their Law
School Name. Antonin Scalia School
Of Law Or ASSOL. Ha Ha Ha Keep it
NOTE II: Sanders Actually WON NV
How Fitting. Look Out Feel The Bern
HATE This Caucus Format, It Should
Be All With Who Got The Most Votes

Have a day!

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