Anti-Aborition Hate Backfires…

December 22nd, 2015

All the yelling, lying, insanity of making

shit up out thin air (The PP selling body

PP protesting marching(Awoke A Giant)

part of fetus’s was a massive lie) and the

cold reality that they didn’t win the legal

battle of Roe vs Wade so they’re tying to

just beat it into reality. Ahhhhhhhhhh no

It has turned off voters, made them look

even more hatefully insane than they are

& finally, support for Legal/Safe abortion

is now at 50% nationally. That’s half!!!!!

Boom! Suck it!! Their hate had the exact

opposite effect. Goes to show you that if

blog-abortion-generic-500x280-v01_0-2(We will!)

you yell, “We are Pro-Life, but kill all the

abortions doctors!” that Doesn’t Connect

Sadly, the same effect will happen to the

Trump. He doesn’t see it yet, cause he is

blinded by his own Hubris, and ignorance

Have a day!

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