Harvey’s Herp Derp Moment…

December 21st, 2015

The key to being the host of any Miss

whatever pageant, is correctly calling

Pageant winner(Oh shit!)

the name of Runner up, & the winner

Steve Harvey switched the “Order”, &

incorrectly said: “Miss Columbia” was

the “Winner”, when it was Really Miss

Philippines. The “Beiber” even mocked

Was it an honest mistake? Yes, we’re

all human. BUT, that’s the key part of

the fucking job, getting All the Names

of the winners correct. The key for me, what?!?)

was his weak sauce Apology. First, he

said is was a card that was written bad

“Let me just take control of this. This is
exactly what is on the card…..I will take
responsibility for this. It was my mistake”

But then took to social media to blame

the teleprompter. Whaaaa?!?! Then his

apology was badly misspelled which is

even funnier. A real, true, genuine guy

reaction of feeling terrible would have

ended it. He didn’t know how to do IT

because of his hubris. Sad. Is this THE

Harvey's twitter(Seems right)

biggest mistake ever?!?!?! HELL NO’S!

But ironically, How he Handled it, with

a Slow News Week, allowed it Bite him

NOTE: Reagan’s Daughter Knows Her
Father’d be Appalled At Today TeaOP
NOTE II: Down Goes “Lady” ‘Lindsay’

Have a day!

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