Cop Publicly Execute Others…

December 15th, 2015

There are two videos where Police just

(Please, be aware this is Graphic Video)

Mario being killed(Shot & killed)

execute people in the street. This is SO

Unnervingly Evil…..Something MUST Be

done to stop this shit. We all totally get

how hard it’s to be a cop. But when the

1st instinct is to shoot & kill. Now these

aren’t the more Outrageous cases since

the two people had a Knife, & the other

a Gun. But, they Show a “Fundamental”

Problem in Police Training. When there

Cops shotting & killing man(Shot in the back?!)

are about 45-80 other things the police

can do besides to shoot & killer the guy

or Person, Maybe we Need to “Change”

the training. Um, geeeeeee, you think?

NOTE: Enjoy Tonights Fact Free Shit
Show Republican Debate. No Facts &
Just Utter Ignorant Childish Bullshit!!

Have a day!

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