Sir Charles Slam Dunks…

December 14th, 2015

Charles Barkley’s brash. He speaks his

mind. And, like it or not, you will know

barkley(Boom, truth!)

exactly where you stand. He just spoke

his Mind about Trump, & The Coverage

“To be honest with you, CNN has done an
awful job this election—an awful job. They
have followed ratings and sound bytes this
entire cycle. I mean, think about it —and I
love CNN cause they’re really our company
-but they’ve been kissing butt, and chasing
ratings. I mean, they have become like Fox
News 4 Republicans to be honest with you”

That is SO spot on, & he simply spoke a

real truth to power, he used his position

to point out “Reality”. And, I say BRAVO

And, it Didn’t End There. Kareem Abdul-

Jabbar weighed in as well with this Gem

“It’s really frustrating to watch it, because
you can see the lies coming out. And until,
here in America, we Require that ALL our
candidates tell the “truth”, we are going to
have to deal with the issue; because unless
somebody’s fact checking them right there
and Printing it on a Crawl below on screen
or some way to Counteract The Attempt to
BS the Public, (We) have to do something”

They have both pointed a very real, & big

Truth here. A News Media is Supposed To

INFORM the Viewers of Facts, Reality and

Perform A ‘Valid Public Service’. They Just

Trump airbushed asshole(Airbrushed Asshole)

pointed out, they Don’t do That Anymore

And until we do, this is simply a big farce

It’s kissing the Asses of Lying Morons for

cash/ratings rather than Educate Society

News meant to inform. Now it means Lie

Have a day!

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