For, no, Fucking, Rational, REASON

But then again she’s a religious nut

Muslim Coffee Thrower(Flerp Derp!)

“Your Mind has been taken over by
Satan, & you have nothing but hate
Nothing but hate (Then hits the guy
with an umbrella, & throws a coffee)

The Irony is mind boggling. She just

outed Herself as a Trump Supporter

Either that or Cruz. Does it SO really

even matter?!? No. The irony & killer

Projection is saying they have nothin

but “Hate” in their Hearts as she’s all

about hatin them. She’s too dumb to

understand Her Ironic Bigotry Idiocy

Woman with Muslim(WTF?!?!)

But, that is why they ‘make’ cameras

To capture it all, for everyone to SEE

Maybe We should “Stop” all Christian

Immigrants until we can get a handle

on this? What a collection of assholes

NOTE: “Philly Mayor”, Calls Trump An
Asshole. So Not Only Great, It’s True!

Have a day!

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