Well Crafted Racist Machine…

December 9th, 2015

The problems with today’s Republican Party

is that it is not a “party”. It’s more of a BIG

donald-trump-racist(Yes, we know)

Therapy Session, trying to avoid meaningful

growth or change. Imagine if a couple takin’

Marriage Counseling always gave this insane

standard response “Fuck this it’s YOUR fault

we’re broken. And, our Solution is to NEVER

ever change. Suck my ass we’re not Paying!”

The only way change will ever occur, is to all

accept there IS a Problem. The entire TeaOP

rejects they have one. And that rejection will

will cost them every national election ending

Ted-Cruz-Cliff-300x160(So long!)

Their Racist, Hateful, ignorant “No Nothings”

shit show. When “voters” (use that term very

loosely if you’re Republican Still voting since

chances are you’re a moron racist Sociopath)

choices are Racist Crazy and Racist Smarmy

Lies. Just forget the question all together. So

now Iowa’s Choice is between Trump & Cruz

That is like choosing between being flayed to

death, or “Poisoned By Radiation” over Time

The word “Neither” Comes to Mind. Reaping

ted-cruz-palin-birthday(We know)

time’s here. They made the racist bed so now

they must all lay in it. Ooooooooooooooooops

Have a day!

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