So, Tonight’s the NIGHT. Let’s watch how

the Dems do the “goofy dance” around the

0(Ta da!)

issues tonight. They won’t discuss specifics

on Wage Inequality, foreign policy, Mindful

regulation of wall street/business, ensuring

Equal Protection for All Americans & Fixing

a Broken Immigration System that Reflects

our core Values on the Statue Of Liberty, &

Our Constitution. Not “Xenophobic Racists”

The ONLY person on the stage tonight with

ANY semblance of Specific Policy to Debate

Brenie laughing(Feel The Bern!)

is Bernie Sanders period. Maybe Jim Webb

since he’s legislated in the senate. Clinton’s

another Wall Street Suck Up. Sure, she will

give ya a few bones of domestic policy that

‘Sound’ Good: Will talk Single Payer Health

care (She couldn’t get it through with Billy),

Equality for Gay Americans, Fix our broken

Immigration System and a few more where

she will offer NO SPECIFICS. That’s because

if she gets in; it’s all negotiable. Honest folk

Clinton pointing(“What I do?!?”)

speak thoughtful truth to power & she tries

to talk the talk, but while walking their walk

Tonight Will be Slamming Trump, & Others

in the Sociopath Republican Party, but That

isn’t what we want to hear. SOLUTIONS are

But, Only one I’ve seen offers any of THOSE

Don’t take my word for it. Watch it all tonite

NOTE: ‘Anti-Muslim’ Rally’s Fail. And, ONE
Other Protest, Bring Guns. Tryin’ To Incite
NOTE II: Republican John Kasich Chided At
A Voter About Entitlement Cuts He Planned
That They Will “Get Over It!”. Oooooooops

Have a day!

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