Columbus Day, Schumbus Day…

October 12th, 2015

Did I get the day off today? Nope. Did my

best half Sonja?! Ahhh nope. But honestly

Columbus day ammo sale(Sadly, a real ad)

not complaining it’s great to have a J-O-B

What if Columbus totally got lost, & sailed

way too far south to Discover Antarctica?!

Bet he’s not remotely as popular……unless

you were eskimos, polar bears or invented

the snow suit. Then he’d be the Dogs Balls

But we wouldn’t get a day off…so fuck that

NOTE: The Chicago Bears WON…..AGAIN
Let That Sink In. We Really Stink But Got
Another Big Win In KC. Oh & Go Cubbies!
NOTE II: Tuesday October 13th We Get 2
So, The Democrats Have Their Big Debate

Have a Columbus Schumbus day!

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