What Year Was This?!?!?

October 7th, 2015

Some salient, sound words on responsible

Civically minded reasonable “gun control”:

Homer with a gun(Point & shoot!)

“With all the violence and murder, & Killings
we’ve had in these United States, I think you
will agree, that we must, keep firearms from
people who’ve no business with guns or rifles
At the present moment a person who’s Really
insane, a man with a Long Criminal record of
having killed a dozen people, can go in & buy
a rifle. Does that make any sense that we can
put Rifles, & Guns in the hands of people who
have long criminal records, or people who are
insane, or people who are Mentally Unstable,
or people so young, that they don’t know how
to handle rifles or guns?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

Let those words sink in for a moment; really

SINK IN. Who said them? When?!? Was this

someone just yesterday?! NO, it was RFK in

1968. 47 years Ago, and NOTHING has even

changed slightly. That should SO “scare” the

living Shit out of You. It does to me. Not one

thing he said, could Remotely be “disagreed”

with. Yet, here We Are. With “Bloated” Right

Gun Violence chart(Yes, a problem!)

Wingers Spewing Insane lies daily, like 92%

of all Mass Shootings are in Gun Free Zones

NO THAT IS A LIE. It’s around 13% but why

would they ever speak the truth these days?

Facts are clear we have more guns than any

other Modern Nation. With us being Roughly

5% of the worlds population; we’re 35-50%

of the worlds civilian owned guns. We aren’t

the most Violent, oh no. We are only 28th in

the Murder Rate. Honduras, El Salvador and

Gun Violence(Sadly, 1968 too)

Jamaica top those lists. BUT, if you take into

account other Modern Countries, we have so

much more Gun Violence. Why?! Well, cause

we have a “shit ton” more guns than they do

But Guns aren’t a problem. Crazy Fingers are

(Rolls eyes sadly knowing how evil this all is)

NOTE: But Racism Is Over, Just Ask All The
Racists ‘Spewing’ Horribly Really Racist Shit

Have a day!

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