The Oregon Horror…

October 1st, 2015

By now you’ve heard all about the gunman

and Senseless Deaths. 13 Innocent Victims

Oregon College Shooting(Horror!)

were gunned down at a community college

in Oregon. 13 Killed, and Another 20 Were

wounded. This is a hate crime, period. The

pure evil 20 year old soulless freak did ask

the innocent people to “State their religion

and then started open firing”. That hateful

asshole shooter’s dead. But Nothing’ll ever

bring back the victims. And we don’t Need

reasonable, thoughtful gun control?!?!?!?!

People being walked to cops(Why?!?!?)

Fuck ya we do. We only account for 5% of

the Global Population, But 35% of it GUNS

Let that sink in, we have too many guns in

the Hands Of Too Many Severally Unstable

people. Period. I am sick & fucking tired of

“Well, we can’t do anything”. BULLSHIT!!!!

Yes we can, and yes will fucking will NOW!

Have a day!

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