Parents And Technology…

August 28th, 2015

They do, not, mix. It’s like cats ridin bicycles

or Dogs playing poker. Well, scratch that last

Stress Reduction(Yes, we know)

one. The 2 Main words you use when Always

helping em is is “Stop!”, & “No!”. They’re like

a Baby, about to touch a hot stove that keeps

on asking, “Wait, is this hot or something?!?”

It doesn’t matter that they just did X 1 billion

times before. They’re lost & rather than listen

to help, they just keep Pushing Button’s until

it “goes way”. My best advice is “Sorry, I can’t

do this right now”. Which ‘Really’ means: “I’d

Choke You to death if standing with you now”

NOTE: This Racist, Hateful, Xenophobic Ass
Hole Trump Supporter, Should Be On BLAST

Have a weekend

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