Live Horror & Bully Blather…

August 27th, 2015

The live shooting on TV horror has shocked

our Entire Country. Period. It was jarring, it

bryce-williams1(Face of evil!)

was disgusting, it was sick & it was pure evil

It happened live on air was earth shattering

Reporter Alison Parker 24 and photographer

Adam Ward, 27, were killed. The killer was a

Man Named Vestor Lee Flanagan. He was so

unstable. He claimed it was “racial” issues &

honestly. FUCK YOU. That doesn’t mean you

shoot & KILL someone, in cold blood Live on

TV. He Faxed a 23 page Manifesto. Who still

Victims(RIP much love)

faxes? Insane killer assholes I guess. This IS

the most Chilling footage you will ever see so

warning. And its followed by the audio of the

entire event so WARNING. Do not listen to it

if you can not. I almost Couldn’t. It’s Horrific

This is a Guns, and mental health issue. And,

it’s Disgusting. He then took his own life and

that doesn’t bring back these two people. Sad

Chump Kicks Out Reporter…

The reason? A valid question was asked and

that isn’t acceptable to those in power EVER

Ramos asking question(“Answer it!”)

Jorge Ramos committed an act of journalism

And he was Physically Removed for It. THAT

is a main problem in politics today. He asked

Chump “You can not deport 11million people

You can not “Build” a 1900 foot wall, you can

no Deny Citizenship to children”. Yet, his “?”

was never able to be fully Asked, because HE

was removed by security. It got worse durrin’

Ramos: “No I have the right to ask a question”
Trump: “No you don’t you haven’t been called”

Trump lying badly(<-Lying Prick)

And during the exchange Cpt. Assfuckerhole

said “Go back to Univision!”. Ah yes, the Old

“Go back to Mexico you brown fuck”. What a

colossal fucking prick. Then Chump LIED on

the entire events. He said he didn’t “ask” any

Security to Escort Him out. He did. Then, he

said he didn’t know who Jorge was. Bullshit!

Then how Exactly can he tell him to ‘Go back

to Univision’ if he didn’t? This Cripples Bigot

Prick, but he “Never stood a change” to begin

Ramos being removed hard(The Bully)

with. If he wins the nomination which he will

not, a can of soup with a D wins over that ass

When an Actual journalist stands up to speak

out asking poignant valid questions the other

“Kleptocratic lap dog Fake ones” will get Mad

Why?! Because they’re embarrassing All their

Shitty, non-factual work. What a very sad day

Have a day!

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