“Paging” Turd Cruz…

August 26th, 2015

Actress Ellen Page just called out Ted Cruz

And Cruz had Nothing Valid to say. He just

Cruz and Page Split pic(“Lying prick!”)

Tap Danced because his Racist, ignorant, &

hateful views were shown. She asked him a

Simple, Honest, Straight Forward, Question:

“I have a question about LBGT people being
“Fired”, for just strictly being Gay or Trans”

Did Turd answer the question? Nope. Cause

his answer’s “Good fuck them. I want to use

my religion to discriminate!”. That won’t cut

it as a Sound Bite. Ellen let him off the Hook

With Republicans and assholes like Cruz you

must Stay Focused and really probe for their

Page vs Cruz(“Answer the ?”)

answer. Sadly, she didn’t. Then he ignored it

all trying to shift the blame to Obama & Iran

The reason?!?!?! He simply can’t address the

Original Question, because his answer’s very

disgusting. When he brings up that ISIS, and

Iran all abuse Gay folks, he doesn’t remotely

understand those Theocrats, share HIS views

They Are RIGHT WING, Not LEFT. They have

everything in common with the religious right

NOTE: ‘Crooked Cop’ Threatens Motorists They
Must Buy Fundraiser Tickets, Or Lose Their Car

Have a day!

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