Right Wing Racist Wants…

August 25th, 2015

Slavery back! Well that certainly was very

expected. Racist radio Loser Jan Mickelson

Jan Mickelson racist asshole(Racist POS)

for Any Undocumented Immigrants, We’ll

just force them into “Slavery”. Nice, fucko

Forget this Hateful, Evil, Loser is the Iowa

Conservative Radio Ring Kisser For All the

Candidates From Scott Walker to Ted Cruz

to Ben Carson 2 Carly Fiorina to Santorum

He had this Hateful exchange with a Caller:

Caller: “Everybody would believe it sounds like slavery”
Jan Mickelson: “Well, what’s wrong with slavery!?!?!?!”

It is not that he’s overtly racist. It is that he

Jan's slavery slogan(Racist POS)

is “Influential in the Republican party now”

WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!? Has anyone come

out to denounce his massively racist words

NOPE. He is but one of MANY voices in this

Racist, Hateful, Ignorant, Backwards, Party

All the “Jan’s” of the World, have a Place in

the Republican party. And it’s so disgusting

This is 2015 right?!? It is not 1776 or 1860

Yet, that is the entire Policy positions of the

Sociopath racist Republicans today. GROSS

Cruz on Jan's show(Punchable Faces!)

We’re not having a Conversation about who

the Vile, Repugnant, racist, pricks in the US

are today. Jury is in. It is these Republicans

And they piss on the Constitution every day

Have a day!

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