Sad Liberatarian Ignorance…

August 24th, 2015

All Libertarians really are is a collective of

young, wealthy white men who hate being

Ayn Rand idiot turd(We know)

labeled “Conservative”, because all of their

policies have crippled us. Knowing that, it’s

just tryin’ to change terms now. They don’t

want to be called X, so espouse almost ALL

of X’s polices but try to Claim you’re just Y

No, & please take the time to Listen/Watch

this entire exchange of lunacy. So here’s a

version of really every exchange with every

Libertarian. They all reject/ignore Maslow’s

Hierarchy of Needs, our real social contract,

douchebag(We know)

governance, all ‘Economics’, Cause & Effect,

Science, facts, OR anything found in Reality

They simply will never overcome these valid

hurdles found in reality. They always ignore

them. And they always will. It is a Child just

Screaming, “Well there are “Problems” with

the Current System, so destroy it all & then

start over. I don’t know how to address Any

of the real problems in society, I’ll just wing

it. And History just stated TODAY. Anything

in the past doesn’t matter. I’m a Loud Child”

Libtertarian mom in basement(We KNOW!)

They are Incapable of Understanding What

they are asking for. Then when Confronted

with the Real consequences of their actions

they ALL have no answer. Just, Shrug their

shoulder saying “It will all work out”. NO!!!!

It didn’t in the past & until they address the

REAL issues/consequences, it just never will

Have a day!

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