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August 20th, 2015

5 year old 5 year old sex wrong; to soon?

No, TOO young!!! Zing! In all seriousness

Jared very bad(Suck it!)

that is both Sad, & SO very scaring for the

Kids involved. It will take Therapy, & time

for those poor kids to heal correctly. AND,

think of any Kids who posed for “Porn” he

had?!?! Wow this is really really really sick

shit. Jared’s finished & will be put away for

a loooooooooooong time on this Fucked up

shit. Jared plead guilty to 12 counts of THE

molestation. Very, very, very, very so very

jared-fogle-7(Yep, evil shit)

BAD! 5 years?!?!?! FUCK YOU! That is just

pure evil. NO that’s easily at least 25 years

NOTE: Jimmy Carter, Has “Melenoma” In
His Brain And Will Begin Treatment ASAP

Have a day!

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