Everyone MUST Know Zachary…

August 19th, 2015

So, who is Zachary Hammond? A 19 Year

old, in a Hardee’s Drive Through. He was

hammond_zach_bg(RIP, we’ll find out)

on a date with a 22 year old girl. So when

The Cops Opened Fire For NO REASON, &

killed him. Every rational Citizen has BIG

questions about why. The people demand

the dash cam footage. The cops said, “Yes

we will get that out”. So that’s turned to a

“Um no we won’t release the footage now”

But why?! Because it doesn’t match all the

fabricated lies the Killer Cops already said

Zach_Hammond_22839334_ver1.0_640_480(Cops killed him!)

Oh & the cops said he turned his “Car” at

them, “Driving to kill”. No Witness at that

scene agree with the lie. And the Autopsy

proves that lie WRONG. A .45 caliber gun

slug was found in his BACK Left Shoulder

and the left side of his chest. Oooooooops

These Cops fired from the Rear & the Side

They murdered an innocent citizen, in cold

blood. Then decide to “High Five” the dead

boys hand accordin’ to another eye witness

Zachary Hammond(Why killed!?!)

(WCSC-TV Reported This). My blood is SO

boiling right now! These cops must release

the Video, Unedited. They won’t because it

Shows Their Hate, Ignorance and “Murder”

These Police in South Carolina, Should ALL

be fired yesterday for not showing that Clip

NOTE: The Greatest Black Sterotypes Are A
Sure Fire Way To Be Republican Superstars

Have a day!

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