OK so you had a great weekend. And you

think you know, This Will be an American

Wyatt riding a goose(“Cover me Goose!”)

Republican ad that is the most hilariously

insane ever. BUZZ!!! You’d be wrong. It is

from Canada and it’s so Fucking Awesome

He rides a Canadian Goose, Fist Bumps an

Alien and blows up a Robot with laser eyes

His name is Wyatt Scott, & he’s the worlds

newest Political super star. His ad’s Part B

movie, part insane camp, part student film

makers using outdated programs. But it all

Alien Fist bump(What the junk?!?)

equals Hilarious crazy Super Awesomeness

Will it work for Canadian’s goin to the polls

this October 19th?!? Only time’ll tell. But it

will be a ‘Landslide’ for Goose Riding, Alien

Loving, ‘Mayan Tribal’, Robot Killing People

NOTE: Speakin’ Of Lyin’ Moron Republicans
Tryin’ To Get Attention In Any Way Possible
NOTE II: The US Flag Finally Flies Over Our
Cuba Embassy Again Reopened 4 ‘Business’

Have a day!

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