The “Shit Show” Begins!

August 6th, 2015

Sorry Cleveland but you’re now the 1st punch

Bowl to have a collection of turds in it tonight

Circus of lame funny(Yes, so lame)

It all starts at 9pm EST, & 8pm CST. This will

be FOX News, using National Polls, to Pick 10

chumps to mouth dump all over that big stage

You will have everything from Trump whippin

out his bank account like his dick, to Jeb Bush

trying to appear to be the only sane one, when

all of his Policies, for the most part, are exactly

the same as the other “Knuckle Draggers” who

are spewing their lunatic Xenophobic hate shit

Grab your popcorn, because since it’s a TeaOP

Republican Clown Car morons(The Shit Parade!)

debate, there will be no facts. But you can BET

over 100 Lies will happen all through the night

Fact Checkers heads will explode within the 1st

10 minutes. Walker will keep his head down, &

point out “Tax cuts” and just “privatizing Social

Security” because he’s a Koch lapdog who killed

jobs in his own state. Then Ben Carson is playin’

the Token Role of Herman Cain from 2012 here

And he will fair just as badly. This is utter lunacy

and they all deserve to be treated as such. So we

TeaOP loser assholes(Too true!)

wonder who got invited other than these 10 sorry

sacks to the “Kids Table” or Other Tries, To Huck

shit against the wall to see what sticks? Ha ha ha!

NOTE: Racist Confederate Flag Lover Klan Man
Doesn’t Know What The Fubu Logo Stands For?

Have a day!

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