Mullah Omar, the leader of the Taliban has died

He died in a hospital in Karachi Pakistan back in

Mullah Omar dead(Dead)

in April 2013. He died of Tuberculosis according

to noted officials.The Taliban is really no more &

they hold no real power. If that was the goal, WE

accomplished that goal. So why are we still there

then?!? Oh, because. Well, just because they love

to move the goal posts whenever the powers that

be decide to move them. This is a “Clear Sign” of

the end of that strain of terrorism. It doesn’t just

mean that all religious extremism is over. Oh, no

that shits alive and well. And it’s not just in their

Great religion sign(Too true!)

Muslim World. It’s here in America, and all over

the entire world. So Religious Extremism of any

kind/strain is very bad. In Fact, any time that is

a key element in violence, ignorance, and HATE

It should be Correctly called out, and castigated

Planned Parenthood Wins Restraining Order

Seems when you lie publicly and edit clips, courts

really hate that shit. The California supreme court


Ruling Prohibits ‘The Center for Medical Progress’

from Releasing Any Video Of Three High-Ranking

StemExpress officials taken at a restaurant in May

It seems, the Anti-Abortion crowd can’t win in the

battle of ideas, so they lie. They cheat. They’re all

using any tactic to subvert Reality, and the “Truth”

They lost and will always lose. Because in the fight

for Good Ideas, they offer none. They sure do Love

a fetus. But once that child is actually here drawin’

air; they won’t life a single finger to help that child

Ceil Richards(“Courts beat you!”)

And, any program that could help that child to get

ahead, or just Even with other kids, would be CUT

“The Center for Medical Progress follows all applicable
laws in the course of our investigative journalism work”

No, no it doesn’t. That’s why the courts restraining

order against you lying fucks, serves as a reminder

Does “The Center For Medical Progress”, Have any

shame?!?!? Nope. That would require a conscience

NOTE: Scott Walker Correctly Gets Heckled Big
Time By Philly’s Best Citizens Ever. And, He Cut
The Line At Their Cheesesteak Joint. A Big NoNo

Have a day!

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