Who is on top in the GOP primary race?!?!?!?!

The Mop, the Turd, the Mouth, the Liar, & the

Trump pointing to his head(“It’s empty!”)

Bigoty Boy, Trump. That tells you all you need

to know about the entire TeaOP today. They’re

loud, content free, Ex-Reality show star, Lying

messes, Incapable of Discussing serious issues

Trying to Have a “Policy Discussion”, with any

Republican today is both futile and impossible

THAT is why they are in deep shit. And all of it

will be on full display for every citizen to all see

on August 6th. So mark that down on your iCal

Trump, villiage idiot(Yes, we know)

These Debates will be comedy, mixed with hate

and racism while adding much needed massive

hypocrisy to boot. These Empty Suits will all be

exposed as the Corrupt Lying Con-men they are

NOTE: Still Waiting On Valid Proof From The
Death Of Sandra Bland. And Get This The Cop
Shop Has a “Terrible Racial History” Of HATE

Have a day!

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