Planned “Terrorhood”…

July 23rd, 2015

Ya know the “big sting” you’re hearing about on

Planned Parenthood?!?! The one where they lie

PP Head(Cecile Richards, hero)

saying “They are selling Fetal Tissues for profit”

They aren’t. And also, that they’re changing the

“Abortion procedures in order to get the tissues

in tact”. Both are factually & utterly false. So in

other words, BULLSHIT LIES. What Else does a

“Right Wing Pro-Life” Or Any Right Wing Group

ever do?!? They lie, and they lie again solely to

raise $ for “shit” that will never change because

they lost on the substance of Law, & all Policies

O'Keefe creepy asshole(O’Keefe, liar in chief!)

The NY Times “Explained all those facts” in this

big expose. This is about ‘facts’ not any ‘fiction’

This is about Objective Truth, not Partisan Bull

Shittery. They will keep Lying to raise $ on ALL

the suckers. But nothing will change because it

is about facts, not lies to Hurt other Citizens for

no Good Reason. Well they think it’s one “Good

Reason”, but ignore our Constitution, facts, and

don’t give jack shit once those babies are HERE

Have a day!

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