Remember, when I posted in my NOTE about

Sandra Bland?!? Well they released that Dash

Sandra Bland before(RIP-Fight For Facts!)

Cam footage, & it destroys the Cops here. Bad

She was pulled over, for failing to use her turn

signal, while Getting out of the way, of the Cop

Car. WTF?!?!?! Yes you read the correctly. She

was moving to clear a space for him then fucko

pulls her over. Yes, this is racial. Yes, this is SO

disgustingly disturbing. It was not that she was

an Upset Motorist. Keep it Real, it was because

she was black, pointed out he was incorrect on

Cop asshole pulling her out(No right to do it)

his charges then wouldn’t put out her cigarette

See, in that (Only 1 year on the job) Cops Mind

when ‘I tell you to do something, you do it’ or I

abuse you, period; end of discussion. When the

conversation got heated, because he was clearly

abusing his power, he Demanded her to get out

of the car. What reason? Being black having an

attitude against any asshole cop on a power trip

He pulled out his Taser, this is when he Actively

brian-encinia(Cop Brain Encinia)

began the abuse of her; and it all ended with her

DYING in her jail cell. This is just unacceptable

If you can’t “deal” with frustrated citizens being

upset at you harassing them for no valid reason

you shouldn’t be a fucking cop. This entire Cop

Station should be investigated up & down on all

moments of this Horrific incident which Should

have been prevented. Steven McCraw, the Dept.

of Public Safety’s courtesy policy had this to say

“Regardless of the situation — it doesn’t matter
where it happens — a DPS state trooper has got
an obligation to exhibit professionalism and be
courteous…that wasn’t the case in this situation”

So it gets worse. Vernon Herron, a senior policy

Sandra Bland(Needless hate)

analyst for DHS has this to say about the events

“A person’s attitude or their demeanor is
Not “Probable Cause” to make an arrest”

All over a blinker of a driver trying to honor that

cop by moving; heads should roll fast & furiously

The Batshitcrazy TeaOP

Hey Republicans, you Get Exactly what you Put

into the ground. Now it’s Time to reap what you


sowed. This crop in the ’16 Election Cycle is the

most Batshitcrazy Insane Collection of Lunatics

That’s saying a lot here since we just had a 2012

Clown Car. If that was a clown car this would be

“Drunk sociopath Doc from Back to The Future”

They Jump around in time, can’t Formulate any

cogent Policy Thoughts, & don’t care if they ever

do. The only reason Trump is even in this race is

Distraction. It won’t work, as it will be obvious to

GOP-Hate(We know)

all viewing they almost ALL share the exact same

horrific policies just in different douche packages

They won’t change The Toxic Ingredients in their

Abusing Hateful Policies, So they’ll try to change

the Packaging. “A Turd by any other name would

smell as shitty!”. They are all tied to the hate they

spew. And on August 6th grab your popcorn, and

watch people covered in ignorant hateful shit, all

try to point at others claiming “They’re shittier!!!”

GOPracismTrump(Yes, we know)

The implosions will continue down this mess and

no collection of Lying ass Villains deserve it more

Have a day!

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