The Mayor of a small city in Washington just

called Michelle Obama “Gorilla face” & called

Airway Heights Mayor(Mr. Douchebag)

Barack “Monkey Man”. My, how Charming he

thinks he is “people”. And his name is Patrick

Rushing. Now he’s “Rushing” to pretend he is

Not Racist. He said, “If I do Resign, that’s just

admitting I’m racist, and I’m not”. You do not

get to “decide” that fuckhole. If you did, guess

what?!?!?! No racists are racist. See, they said

they weren’t, so we’re all good right?!? That is

not how this works. When you “say” racist shit

that makes you Racist. If ya say, act, or abuse

Patrick Rushing younger without glasses(Airhead Heights?!?)

others for race, YOU-ARE-RACIST. Period!!!!!!

Do not Pass Go, do not collect $200. And now

the kicker, Patrick claims, to be follower of the

Jesus Christ. Boom!!! Right on que. Claim he’s

religious, and then Say/Do horribly Racist shit

Not “Heritage” Or “Southern Pride”

It is Bigotry, Ignorance, and White Supremacy

It is specifically about a Heritage or a Southern

Racist morons hate(Racist assholes)

Pride….to own other Human Beings, Under the

concept that that their race is just inferior to us

‘whites’. When the KKK takes up your flag fight

mantle you’re tied to them period. They see the

same shit as the “Heritage” crowd. Always just

remember this: racism, & ignorance aren’t ever

mutually exclusive. They are almost always just

together with 1 leading the other. Hint: It is the

Funny conter protestor sign(That’s funny!)

“Ignorance” Lewbowski. They don’t even know

any “Black people” so they go tribal SO quickly

It’s taught to them & rather than intelligentally

question such ignorant hate, they go along with

it. THAT’s the terribly sad part right there 2 me

NOTE: Sandra Bland Died While In “Custody”
NOTE II: Irony Alert. One, Of The Hateful Ass
KKK Assholes Needed Help From A Black Cop

Have a day!

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