But Racism’s over, just ask Fox Noise or

any Republican racists. ODD, it’s always

racism_is_taught(We know…)

the racists who always say racism is over

Yes, they Do, Because they don’t want to

be forced into the sunlight. 6 well known

historic black Churches have all been set

on fire. And they Did It At Knight. Geeee

ever notice History shows The Klan doing

the exact same shit before. Is There ANY

known History of Black People Burning A

White Church?!? No, no there is Not. NOT

in any intended Racially Motivated Event

to warn way. Our History is Very clear on

Church on fire at nigh(Pure evil!)

this evil shit. And how about Rosewood?!

Do Not Get Me Started. Hey FBI, Hey CIA

hey DHS, hey anybody!!!! This racist vile

shit is unacceptable. It is 2015, Not 1864

Seems racists are a lot like shitty washed

up comics. They’re all pretty stupid, suck

and never change Their Horrible Material

“Greece” Isn’t The Word

It’s the summer, so what else is new?!?!

Time for the financial troubles in Greece

EU sign in Greece(Yes or no)

Let me explain this simply. The EU went

& decided to not restructure All Greece’s

debt. Ooooooops. In fact Greece decided

to have the newly elected prime minister

Alexis Tsipras go on national TV, and say

they will vote “No” to leave the EU if they

can not get or negotiate for better “Loan”

terms. Bottom line, they can’t meet their

Austerity Cuts, & Payments. The reason?

They have a 26% Unemployment rate. It

would Spiral their Economy to Big Death

Alexis-Tsipras-620x436(“Let’s do dis!”)

The EU will bend. The old saying Is This:

You can’t get blood from a stone. They’ll

all pay, just give them realistically better

terms knowing their economic conditions

As usual, this works out just fine, always

has. Usual ‘summer scare’ that gets fixed

NOTE: Your Fired!!! The Trumpy Chump
NOTE II: The “KKK” IS ‘Holding’ A Rally
To “Support Keeping” That Confederate
Flag ‘Flying’ In Southern States Capitols
But, No. It’s Not At All Racist(rolls eyes)

Have a day!

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