Denial ain’t just a River In Egypt. My father used

to always say that to me. So, now I know exactly

State Of Denial(We know)

what he meant. This entire thing is about racism

And it is fascinating. In the world of Fox & in the

Republican Party Today, they are having what is

known as a “Crisis Of Conscience”. And it is now

on Display For All to See. Are there racists in the

Democratic Party? Yes, I’ve pointed them all out

here in this blog; for every 10 racist Republicans

there is one Democrat from my Findings. Even 1

racist is bad, so no excuses. But here is the point

If the people with the glaring problem can’t even

FOX news racist hate(Yes, we are)

accept there IS A Problem. Nothing Will Ever be

Done. The Intense Institutional Racism In Their

Republican Party Today, has Rotted the wood in

the house. The house’s about to collapse & they

are all literally whistling dixie. If I’m 140lbs over

weight, in need of a lifestyle change or will die I

don’t just Ignore the Scale. Hiding That Number

doesn’t stop it from Existing. Only a Child thinks

like that. And this is the Chilling part. Either the

idea is 1) Gettin’ better is way too hard for me &

I Refuse to put in the time. OR the more evil one

2) I don’t WANT to get better, fuck you. The only

denial older woman b:w(Reality’s still there)

Problem Here is this ISN’T just Your Body, & IT

ISN’T just your choice. It’s societies. And if your

idea is to just “ignore it”, society’ll just move on

without you. And you’ll be left to wondering why

Without Tu Quoque, Straw Man of Others Views,

& Two Wrongs Make A Right, R’s have no points

Psssst if ya defend the Confederacy you’re racist

NOTE: The Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare
AGAIN. Allowing Subsidies. Republicans Lose It
NOTE II: Cliven Bundy, Will Be Getting His New
Welfare ‘Bill Bitchslap’ From BLM’S Sally Jewell

Have a day!

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