CNN’s Don Lemon, wanted to do a “Beck Like”

Skit. It was pretty fucking stupid, just as you’d

Don-Lemon-Shows-The-N-Word-Card(Shock value)

expect from shit cable fake “news”. Did Donny

discuss the ‘Content’ of why we’re not cured of

racism? Ohhhhhhhh fuck no. He wanted to use

props of the Confederate Flag, & a big que card

with the word “Nigger”. And who was the intern

sent to Kinko’s asking for it? That’d be hilarious

And, did you notice, it was a black card with the

white writing?!?! Shit, they can’t even have their

own word for fucks sake. He just did it for shock

value to draw attention & when all our attention

Larry Wilmore(Noooooice)

was on him, said Nothing of value about Racism

Don got the first part right with Shock, But then

shit the intellect bed with nothing to follow it up

Talk, About, Race Relations, In The South Donny

But that’s a bridge too far for em, it is real news

“It’s All About The Base”

The Republicans have twisted, contorted, rested,

winced, flipped, turned, flopped, dipped, ducked

Ted Nugent Confederate flag(Yes, we know)

& dodged the Confederate Flag issue. The ONLY

one who didn’t was Mitt, cause he’s not Running

But why?!?!?!?! Simple, those Southern Strategy

voters are their fucking BASE. Not hard to figure

out. They are going into Old Yoga Position Level

of contortions to avoid this fact. A “Child’s Pose”

is where they lay face down ignoring all of reality

Don’t worry, when your head comes up, it is still

all there. It didn’t Magically Go Away. Bellowing

Bill-OReilly-Kirsten-Powers(The faces are priceless)

Bill O’Reilly is not only a racist apologist he’s got

racist issues. If the man argues with reality, he is

doing it for one of two reasons: 1) He supports it

or 2) He Is Pandering To His Audience of Racists

If you ask me both are hideous. Don’t believe me

listen to billy boy yourself. It’s not really an issue:

“I don’t think it’s (racism) an epidemic, I don’t
think it’s(racism) ingrained in our society, every
country on the planet has racist elements in it”

Nothing quite like Straw Man & the Two Wrongs

Make A Right fallacies, but Billo’s a fallacy Pinata

NOTE: Alaskan Barbie’s Cut By Team Bigot Fox
NOTE II: The Confederate Flags Are All Coming
Down Daily. Good. Message Received So Loudly
COOL: This Clip Of A Dad Catching Foul Ball W/
His Baby Son In His Arm Is Totally Totally Cool

Have a day!

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