Trump Dump, More Duggar

June 17th, 2015

There’s attention whores, the Kardashians

and then there’s The Trump. I’ve officially

Trump "Hey I suck"(“Hey, I suck!”)

changed the term in the dictionary 2 mean

Trump-1. Loud pompous lying idiot with no
self awareness, shame, or ability to feel at all
2. A gift given to every comedian where they
do not have to work as hard to craft any joke
IE- “Gee Terry, thanks a lot for that Trump”

Donny Chump’s not only the worlds biggest

bullshitter, he’s also the most ignorant. And

that right there’s a magic comedy recipe for

“Super Douche De Jour” Always on camera

Comedy Gods have given me A Mega Boner

So Trump will say and do the asinine insane

US-VOTE-TRUMP(Moron Fonzie)

shit we All Expect he’ll do, & it’ll be glorious

Hell, it already started. Dead Squirrel Head

came down on an escalator, to Neal Youngs

“Keep on Rocking In The Free World”. WTF

Neal Young, will have an injunction on him,

forcing him to not play that again in 3…2…1

Trump’s exactly like every other Republican

Yet won’t cut SS & help infrastructure. Other

than that, his difference is he’s a rich asshole

Trump down escalater(“I’m an idiot!”)

‘The Onion’ is an official news source for the

entire “Republican Party today”. SHIT, their

headlines are actually all comin true. Only in

America. Thanks Donny, this will be a blast!

You Got Duggared!

There is now, a new Deeper Investigation for

the Duggar charges. Oooooooooooooooooops

josh-duggar-molestation-scandal(“I’m fucked”)

They also, just recently, had the Police Called

on them for refusing to co-operate with a DHS

agent by not allowing them to even see a child

This is ONE Fucking Sick family. No where in

any of this did I hear about the “safety” of the

kids, or mental well being. The fucking guy is

a molester with FUCKING KIDS!! Where else

in this country is this even remotely possible?

Mike Huckabee and Josh Dugga(Big pals!)

They Might Have to Change The Title of their

show That Was Cancelled to “19 Felony’s and

Counting”. Mark my words. This gets waaaay

worse. You don’t hide shit unless it’s pure evil

Have a day!

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