You’ve seen LeBron James, basketball god

play. And now all of American has seen Lil

lebron_james(The Dong Show)

LeBron. Guess he is a grower not a shower

And what crazy crap insanity are people all

saying against ABC for accidentally showin

it?!? Maybe the FCC. If they were to do this

it’d be totally nuts. ZING!!!! Boom, there, I

said it. Most, of the entire world, accepts it

was a fast moment ABC didn’t plan & King

didn’t mean. Call it, the Master of ooooops

It’s honestly not a big deal & not even news

BUT it’s far too juicy for social media, & all

Lebron looking sad(“Should I chalk it?)

us comics to ever pass up. So here you GO:

The leading titles for articles about his thing

-Did You See The Footage?
-Call Me Ishmael
-Can It Dribble?
-What A Dick!

Now, the first one was actually from a nice

couple we met at Harry’s Swing Bar named

David n Cynthia. It was Cynthia’s great joke

Hawks History After 77 Years?!?!

Will the Blackhawks make history tonight?!

If they win it would be the only Stanley Cup

stanleycupfinallogo2015(One dream!)

Chicago has won on our own home ice since

1938. That’s 77 years. It is literally a lifetime

Will they? Won’t they? Could they? Why the

fuck am I asking so many stupid questions?!

Pucking A, if we win tonight, Chicago’ll light

up like no Other Place on Earth. I mean that

in a positive, “great shinning fun way”. Not a

riot way. Don’t ever burn/hurt your own shit

We work our Asses Off so hard here, that we


all know that. Have fun if we win, but keep it

like Chicago always has been & will be; coool

Even if we lose, we still get another big game

NAACP Leader “Black Like She?”

Rachel Dolezal stepped down from her post

as the president of an NAACP chapter in WA

0615-rachel-dolezal-2(Oh, OK)

State on Monday. She is really white, but her

bi-racial look is not. This is a tough situtation

To some, it’s another white person stealing a

black persons fucking job. I kid, I joke, I love

I really mean this. This is for the entire black

community to decide. She’s committed to all

social justice, which is fine. But maybe that’s

best left to black leaders/voices. Then again,

as a white male, I’m an activist, a voice who’s

similar. Why change her appearance at all?!?


She ‘stepped down’ today. Racial justice, and

equality shouldn’t be a black, and white thing

It’s a human rights thing. She got that, but so

did her original color. Why change?!?! Well, go

ask Rachel. She has got some “free time” now

To me, so long as you can do your job, so well

Color doesn’t matter. Go ask Michael Jackson

if his voice sucked when he turned white? Wait

NOTE: A Fat Racist Texas Teacher Is Fired For
Wanting “Segregation” Back, And Saying THIS

Have a day!

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