And now racist moron Eric Casebolt tries the

usual Expected “Non-Apology Apology” right

Eric Casebolt American Savage(We know)

on que. Did he speak it?!? Nope. Did he try to

‘apologize’ to the teens he Terrorized, and the

girl he slammed?!?!? Oh fuck no. That would

imply he viewed them as actual equal citizens

His lawyer then tried to paint his “emotional”

condition as “So fragile” because he took two

suicide calls earlier in the day?! Jane Bishkin

is his attorney. YES, when you are truly sorry

always hire a fucking lawyer? NO. He is NOT

Eric-Casebolt grabbing arm(“I’m not sorry”)

sorry. He is still the same racist who did This

So then, what is it? Oh, if I know racists, it is:

“He’s worried for his family, He’s
worried that he may be followed”

BINGO! It’s all about HIM now isn’t it?!?!? But

what about when HE was the aggressor then?

Well that doesn’t matter. I’ve “fought” enough

“Bullies”, to know one constant. They will ALL

impose violence, hate, & power against others

Without Blinking An Eye. But, the MOMENT it

is imposed on them as Defense, they ALL beg

Racist on camera(She’s a racist coward)

What would they have done when people beg?

“Nothing”, laugh and simply impose their will

They’re the racist villains in movies in real life

Don’t Commit Violence against them, you are

then no better than them. If they try to enact

their hate, be there to shine a light to end em

Like “firing” this racist ass who loves that cop

The “Frothy” Fail

Rick Santorum has a ‘little’ problem. He can’t

Draw Anything. Even with 45 pens and paper

ricksantorumongaymarriage(Moron Patrol!)

At a campaign event in Iowa, he drew a crowd

of One Person. YES, you read that “Correctly”

So, in the middle of the workday in Hamlin, a

township of under 300 people Santorum said

he saw one person as a good crowd. Yes if you

want only one person to vote. And the biggest

insult? The women Peggy Toft, chair of county

Republican party & an insurance agent doesn’t

even plan on votin’ for Rick. Oooooooooooops

This is hilarious. The entire Republican partys

Rick at Iowa(Ha ha ha!)

imploding badly. Now, next week we will look

into the Democratic party to see their “cracks”

They have problems too, but they’re nowhere

near the crazies in the Republican Clown Car

They are simply the 1800’s Know Nothings &

have officially gone the way of the Whigs. Ha!

Have a day!

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