We learned that area of Texas has racist problems
(The evil racists Defend the Cops & hide on video)

Racist Morons holding racist sign(Sean Toon, racist POS)

We learned the Cop Drastically Over Reacted here
(He quit. Oh no. He must be charged with assault)

We learned a fat Racist White women started it all
(Tracey Carver-Allbritton isn’t Arrested & why?!?!?)

We learned Fox News Literally Defends All Racists
(Well, only if they’re white, a cop, or Cliven Bundy)

And we learned Brandon Brooks is an amazing kid
(In filming this & telling the truth he exposes it all)

We also learned “institutional racism” is a massive

Pam Campbell Bost pitcure(Racist who started fight)

problem in the United States. When Mark Fucking

Furman is the Voice of Reason, you’ve gone batshit

FOX always does this 3 step Racist meme. They A)

Attack the Victim/Character Assassinate B) Praise

the Cop/Racist by lyin about facts to support them

And C) Find/Pay Folks From That Specific Minority

sect to verbally Bash the victims, straw man, & Lie

Will they ever address that Root Cause of “Racism”

that started the entire event? Fuuuuuuuuuuuck no

Won’t do that; it Exposes em as the racists they are

McKinney Cop racists problem(Yes, we know)

The most Important thing we learned?! Finally the

Hateful Evil actions of Racists & racist cops did not

result, in the death of an unarmed black teen. This

time. Progress. And, that Hero’s like Brandon exist

Shine a light on the darkness and it brightens us all

NOTE: Dennis Hastert Pleads Not Guilty. Ha!!!!!
Good Luck Trying That, You Old Guilty Fucker!!!
NOTE II: Stuart Varney Gets “Fracked Up” Hard
He Is Caught Lying Because He Would Not Do It

Have a day!

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