And Republicans are utterly losing their Shit

The Supreme Court will Rule on this, later in

Gay Marriage funny bigot(Yes, we know)

the month. And now all the tears are flowing

It has gotten SO Bad, that Glenn Beck thinks

he’s MLK, Huckabee can ignore the Supreme

if gays can marry, R- Gohmert says that folks

pointing out “Christian Bigotry” makes them

Holocaust Victims & a Republican law maker

in Arkansas Jason Rapert, thinks that “Pride”

parades are the most “offensive displays and

they chose Sundays to Intimidate Christians

Gay marraige super funny(Check!)

Or it could be that Sundays are the best days

where it would “effect” local business, traffic,

etc. the least. But Sure, you own All Sundays

forever now (tussles hair, then slaps his head)

Strange times indeed. It’s really just a Lil’ kid

with folded arms pouting, because he did not

get “his way”. By “His Way” I mean “Denying

others equal protection under law” & “Gettin’

Special Rights, to discriminate against others”

The entire Republican party today is “cutting”

LouieLouie(“Who can I hate now?”)

into the Onions business model. They have no

legal argument. It is over, but, the Rights loud

whaling is not. This is not our 1st rodeo people

We as a society have had to drag these ol lying

fucks screamin n kicking into the future before

They’re just Flat Earthers, & Salem witch trials

doing Horrible Shit & ALL still stuck in the Past

NOTE: Republican Sam Brownback Uses Cash
Threatenin Kansas Judiciary Branch If It Rules
Against Him. It Is Extortion, Period. Jail Time!
NOTE II: And Now The “Racist Lovers” At FOX
Are Trying The Character Assassination AGAIN
By Attackin’ The Victim While Ignoring Racism

Have a day!

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