Racist Pool Scum & Cops

June 8th, 2015

What happens when you mix racist home

owners, with armed cops? This goofy shit

Texas racism assholes(Oh, we know)

This is unacceptable, it is real, & it makes

me fucking vomit. And ohhhhhhhh lookie

it is in TEXAS. They really do put the ASs

in Texas. How did it all start?! With White

racist scum tauntin’ black kids with racial

epithets. Stuff like “Go back to Section 8!”

(Which is public housing). The host of the

party Tatiana Rose 19 said that one of her

younger brothers old friends, who is white

Racist officer pointing(Racist Cpl Eric Casebolt)

criticized the adults for their racism. Rose,

also stood up for a 14 year old gal that was

being Verbally Abused. When she did, she

was ‘slapped in the face’. THAT is when all

this happened. Ahhhhhh yes, white racists

starting a fight. So, the Craig Ranch North

Community Pool Racists should ALL be on

blast. Right now. A Cop who face slammed

an innocent girl is only “suspended”. WTF?

Officier pineed girl(Existing while Black)

(I’m also guessing every white person in the
video were clearly invisible. Cops ignore em)

The cops over reacted, made the situation a

zillion times worse & the one cop should be

in fucking JAIL for assault, period. THIS is

unacceptable. We ALL need national police

reform, NOW. If they won’t do it WE WILL

Always be calm, but have a clear game plan

Film them, tape them, get them on camera

Shine a light on them all. It “exposes” their

evil racist hate, then all Society Ends Them

Cop pulled gun(Racist Madman!)

Ever notice that? Racists hate being filmed

because there’s Nowhere To Run from that

Until then, they like to hide in the Shadows

because if it gets out their lives are all over

Racists, we’re coming for you. For all of you

NOTE: American Pharaoh Won The Triple
Crown. First Time In 37 Years! Way Cool!!
NOTE II: Blackhawk’s Game 3 Tonight, So
Buckle Up Bros. It’s On Like Donkey Kong

Have a day!

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