A Black family, in Mississippi, Faces “Possible”

jail time for cheering a daughter at graduation

Black-woman-graduate(“Shhhh, quiet!”)

Let, Those, Words, Sink, In! You read em right

Superintendent Jay Foster asked loved ones to

refrain from cheering or applauding until all of

the names were called. Lanarcia Walkers name

was called, her family of four cheered. Just like

almost Everyone, Everywhere, does at a joyous

celebration of graduation in brief spurts (Yes, I

went through 3 of them in my life). That ‘noise’

was deemed criminal by Jay “Mega Racist Ass”

Graduation shot(“Stop smiling!!!”)

Foster. And please make no mistakes, this, has

everything to do with race. After being in three

they said the exact same speech, & people still

cheered. No one was arrested, or charged ever

Well, the Walkers were not only “escorted out”

They were served arrest warrants & told to pay

a $500 bond, after Foster Filed the charges for

disturbin the peace. This makes my blood boil!

So, I called Jay Foster to share my concerns, &

you can too. His phone number 662-562-4897

Jay Foster asshole racist (RACIST POS!)

& fuckos email:

My “concerns” may have included “racist piece

of shit” along with “his racist actions and other

troglodytes like him won’t be accepted!”. Their

racist hate is on the way out & it’s been served

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Control, To Help Them Is Sickening As Fuck!

Have a day!

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